Michael R. Scotch

Discover what you are never taught in most licensing institutions of “learning”:


To meet each person where they present, and guide them through the process of unraveling their very unique and individual neuroendocrine-immune dysfunction.



This is for you if you are:


1. In the last year of licensure (DC, ND, L.AC, Nutritionist)


2. Just started practice


3. Interested in integrating Functional Medicine


You are looking to enhance your clinical skills and deliver results.



You will learn how to:


1. Perform a functional clinical exam


2. Take a comprehensive medical history


3. Assess, evaluate, & implement objective testing


4. Integrate energy medicine modalities; homeopathy, flower essences, muscle testing


5. Develop & implement individualized treatment plans


6. Engage in round table discussions with peers


7. Collaborate with a team of providers


8. Present a case study



Presented via an interactive environment, meeting virtually online with small groups (6-10) and regularly scheduled individual sessions.


1. Hangouts/Skype- 2/month group sessions, 1/week individual


2. FB private group for discussions and support- ongoing


3. Email for sending in required assignments- ongoing





1. $ 2997.00 in full


2. 4 monthly installments $797.00