Dear Debbie,

As we go into the holidays, we face more food landmines, and when we don’t know they’re there, we eat, and BAM get bloating and brain fog!


In order to avoid the landmines, it’s helpful to know what foods to avoid!


Tipsyou’ll love, cause you’ll know just what to avoid at the buffet.


Taking on a new habit takes repetition, sometimes hearing these tips again will really help you remember and put this into practice.


So in today’s article I’m sharing with you the 5 foods to avoid in the upcoming holiday parties so you can fill your plate with confidence, eat with total enjoyment, and feel a relaxed satisfied belly afterwards.


Enjoy today’s article “Top 10 list tips for the holidays;  Avoiding food landmines!” and your holidays too.


Warmest Regards,

Dr. Debbie




Top 10 list tips for the holidays; Avoiding food landmines!

So here’s your tips cause I want you to enjoy the buffet’s this holiday,  share in the merriment, and have a happy tummy and clear mind.

TIP#1 5 Buffet food landmines to avoid!

Look out for these items with gluten in them:

  1. Brie and blue cheeses

  2. Sushi; fake crab, wasabi, tempura rolls, and sauces

  3. Mayo

  4. Cold cuts

  5. Anything deep fried

TIP#2 Take specific enzymes if you eat gluten.

If “OOPS, I ate some hidden gluten!”, or in case the gluten tempts you, here’s 2 resources to create relief from:

  • Bloating
  • Brain fog

  • Flare ups

  • Fatigue

   Gluten Ease                       GlutenFlam

(Suggested dosage; 2 every two hours until you feel better.)


If you liked these and know of someone else who would benefit from these kinds of tips, here’s a chance to sign up for a free consultation with me,

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I want to support you in making this and every holiday one where you experience more:

  • Energy
  • Clarity
  • Serenity
  • Comfort  

And stay tuned for more tips from the hangouts in next week’s article cause I want you to continue enjoying your holidays with ease and joy.

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