As I see it, after 19+ years in practice as a chiropractor and functional medicine physician, I have learned that, allopathy subscribes to a “this for that” paradigm. The focus is the symptom and the quest to make the diagnosis for the “right” prescription, procedure, within the established”standard of care” (set by whom?).

This ultimately creates more disease than “cure”.  Because predictable inevitable side effects come from the chosen medication, for the ever pesky symptom. The chosen action interferes, modifies, or alters natural body processes. Symptoms are alerts, not pesky nuisances that need to be eradicated. Subsequently needing yet more medications and their compounding side effects, from the suppression of the last “cure”. This stacking effect creates a greater dysfunction which ultimately destroys the innate ability of the body to heal itself.

Symptoms are the body’s way of telling any astute and intelligent physician that the cause is the most important puzzle to solve.   “Pesky” symptoms are the body’s gifts, clues our body sends that unravel the cause. Like the bread crumbs in Hansel and Gretel led to the Big Bad Witch.

The healthcare model I envision would change from focusing on DIS-EASE, diagnosis, and symptom relief, which does not support health but rather sickness, and move into focusing on lifestyle and dietary practices that keep the body/mind healthy, vibrant, and active until we decide to leave our physical form.

The challenges of the modern world pose many obstacles to achieving optimal health. The erosion of nutrients in the organic food that is shipped to grocery stores, GMO’s, packaged foods, sugar, drugs (legal or not), poor air quality, 1000’s of toxic chemicals, over used farmland, carbon dioxide emissions, heavy metals, infections, emotional and physical stress, sedentary lifestyles, electro pollution; cell phones, wires overhead, microwaves, home phones, computers. The list is long and creates an enormous challenge to our fragile yet miraculous and finely tuned body.

It is no wonder there are so many people suffering from degenerative diseases and the numbers are growing, due to the current model of modern medicine.

People are being prescribed drugs that only mask the problems created by modern living, they keep people sold on the idea that they need another magic pill to deal with symptoms created by the first drug, and so on, and so on. It’s time to find another solution.

So how on earth does one keep this body/mind finely humming?

The key is to look to nature and know that the bounty of what this amazing planet we live in offers is infinite. I believe that everything has a purpose and all living and nonliving things on earth have life-giving properties to the processes that keep the body/mind supported and able to adapt to the many challenges we face today.

The other parts of maintaining a body/mind healthy entail putting attention to having positive and intimate relationships with an extended family and surrounding community. One in which each child born has a loving caring group of people that contributes to their development.

Without touch, the immune system and brain do not develop to their full potential. Finding ways to connect with others is vital to health.

Just like the body requires that its nervous system, immune system, and endocrine system (glands; adrenal, pancreas, liver, thyroid, pituitary, etc) work together in an interlocking network of connections and feedback loops that are inseparable.

As they say “no man lives on an island.” The body/mind cannot be put into boxes and treated as tough each part is a separate entity. The connections are everywhere and everything affects everything else.

The triad of health is to balance the emotional, chemical, and physical states of the body. There is an incredible plethora of modalities and tools today that address this triad. My legacy will be to create a source of information. One that will provide a platform that anyone with health challenges, can take a journey to discover exactly what magic combination of modalities, tools, or people, will restore them to full health and wellness.

Written by Dr. Debbie Novick