Today’s scientific advances have delivered the science of gene mapping.

It is now possible to determine every single person’s genetic makeup, handed down through generations of ancestors.

The ability to probe into our delivered genetic markers, provides profound and powerful tools to ensure these traits and stored corrupted messages do not express and deliver this promulgated cultural paradigm: “We are all destined to succumb to old age, disease, and decrepitude.”

Genetic testing reveals:

  1. Each individual’s risk for tissue and organ dysfunctions leading to expression of disease and degeneration
  2. Deleterious predispositions in response to pharmaceutical use
  3. Potential predisposing factors that damage genes from environmental exposure to a myriad toxins and chemicals
  4. Immune dysregulation from altered and processed food proteins

This mapping reveals each individual’s potential negative outcomes, it is now possible to implement a plethora of preventative measures.

Today, every physician has the ability to gather this information and formulate powerful, impactful treatment plans, addressing each person’s genetic makeup, in order to keep gene sequences intact or reprogrammed to neutralize their expression.

Putting an end to adverse reactions and ensuring our inherited damaged gene sequences are not expressed by triggers in our internal and external environments, along with dietary and lifestyle habits.

Epigenetics is today’s newest scientific paradigm, which is proving that by changing the body’s internal environment, along with our thoughts and habits, DNA can be reprogrammed to ensure health, longevity, and a high quality of well being.

Genetics is only 1% of the cause in disease and dysfunction, 99% is up to each individual’s, mindset, choices, dietary and lifestyle habits. “The power that made the body can heal it”

Offering diagnostic genetic testing along with subsequent guidance and management for each individual that walks into a practice, will put an end to the current “sick care” model of this country’s current “health care system”. The time has come for true and effective Health Care.

Opt in to the notion that “knowledge is power”, make the choice to be in control of your health, and not at the mercy of your genes being triggered by this modern industrialized world we all live in.

The time is now and the choice is yours.

Written by Dr. Debbie Novick