About Dr. Debbie Novick

Dedicated for over 20 years
Debbie Novick believes in embracing the journey of life. She knows that the best way to embrace that journey is in a healthy and whole body.

To do that, Doctor Debbie uses a variety of complementary alternative medicine strategies for and tools to restore health and balance to her patients. She is known as the “Go-to Doctor” for Hashimoto’s, and works in concert with other MD’s and Gynecologists, who refer their patients to her for more specialized autoimmune support. Her goal is to empower each person to understand what journey they must embark on to achieve and maintain health and wellness for life.

Debbie Novick, D.C., is a leading expert on Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, practicing for 20+ years, at the renowned Novick Integrated Medicine in Encinitas, CA. Educated and trained at Life Chiropractic College West in Hayward, CA, Dr. Debbie has continued her post-graduate studies in functional and integrative medicine, specializing in women’s health care, with emphasis on lifestyle, and dietary changes.

…My Journey…

Here’s the story of how I came to be here today and why I care so much about what I am called to do.I have been in practice for 19+ years dedicating myself to serving hundreds of patients. I stand here before you in better health and having more vitality than I have since I was in high school. I own my own business, am single and enjoy my life.

I have had the luxury and freedom to travel internationally, visiting places like Nepal, New Zealand, England, and Thailand, which has given me a much broader perspective in understanding the diversity of health challenges on the planet, as well as my own. The lifestyle and economic standard of living play important roles in the quality of health and kinds of medicine used. This has driven me to be even more passionate about helping my patients, given the quality of care I can provide them.

But things were not always this way…. In April of 2012, I felt out of control with my life. I was struggling with insomnia, exhausted all the time24/7 hot flashes for 6 weeks (I was using all that I knew could help yet nothing was changing), I gained 20-30 pounds off and on during that time… this seemed to all be the result of 15 years of struggling with 3 major stressful experiences; completing graduate school while pregnant, going through a rough divorce, and then hitting menopause.

I was so desperate, I was guided in the right direction to get blood tests and an advisor to help me see what was at the root cause of it all.

After speaking with my friend and functional medicine mentor Datis Kharrazian D.C., etc., who looked at my lab test results and said to me, “Debbie, you have 5 years.” When I heard this, I felt like it was life or death if I did not do something now!

Being told I had 5 years to live, I realized the trouble I was in and committed to learning the answers to what was killing my body. I hate to imagine had I waited any longer to seek support!

I realized I had a choice, I could continue on this out of control journey, or I could choose to taking matters into my own hands and make the necessary dietary and lifestyle choices that would result in life and vitality.

I immediately took it upon myself to embark on my own healing journey by implementing an anti-inflammatory diet, supplements, increased my fitness activities, and integrated stress reducing strategies and exercises. I sought professional support in other areas of expertise.

Even though I was, and am a skilled expert, there were some things I was missing. I asked Datis(remind that he is my mentor) as well as other practitioners at seminars I attended, who had embarked on similar journeys, how they were coping and finding ways to succeed.

Gradually I became stronger and learned to balance my busy stressful life with making healthy food, exercise, rest, and fun a priority, and finding ways to stay accountable by getting support around me.

I always feel better when I get to share things with other professionals I respect and trust. Especially those I can say anything to, and they listen and support me through it, offering valuable perspectives and ideas.

It was challenging at first to let go of the foods I loved, yet I knew there could be nutritious and delicious ways to get my health back so I actually ended up creating new recipes that have been turned into a cookbook. My book will be out in bookstores September 2015.

This journey inspired me to serve you, and here I am today, blessed to be able to share it. So after this experience of feeling so out of control and getting back in control. I now know the path of taming the out of control health challenges. I have been there myself, and am so passionate about helping my patients go from feeling out of control to taming Hashimoto’s.

My intention is that you tame Hashimoto’s and other chronic conditions, so you can feel, energized, and in control again, more specifically, that you will have practical tips and strategies to empower you for life to overcome any health challenges and bring back your JOY for life.